Maximizing business continuity while minimizing business disruption can be especially challenging for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) following a server failure. Resources are limited, so there isn’t a lot of help to get systems back online. Having a server out of commission is never pleasant, but the consequences of business disruption are grimmer for SMBs than they are for large enterprises that can disperse the effect of a server meltdown.

That’s why it is vitally important to keep your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) at a level that helps you avoid the serious consequences of a break in the flow of your daily business. Your RTO is the maximum amount of time your systems can be out of commission – from when a disruption occurs to the moment your system is available again. Minimizing your RTO helps you avoid the consequences of a long-term break in business continuity.

Rapid Recovery for Windows Servers

ComwellRemote! allows you to backup your Windows servers quickly and easily, and recover rapidly in the event of a disaster. ComwellRemote! backup is fast and reliable disk-based backup that captures full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system. That includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data.

Offsite Backup

Comwell Systems group has the ability to take your backup images offsite to remote datacenters in order to provide offsite backup storage. No need to change tapes/hard disks daily and store them in secured areas such as bank vaults, information storage sites. Comwell Systems Group offers a fully managed Offsite Backup to suit your business needs.