Our culture of instant gratification puts tremendous stress on server and desktop infrastructure. Any business that relies on its server and networking technologies for critical operations of enterprise applications, email, web sites, and more must have a robust 24x7x365 monitoring and management platform and remediation plan. The reality is this is often an afterthought for resource-strapped organizations of all sizes. Likewise, excessive downtime for desktop devices can be detrimental to productivity.

With ComwellManaged! Server and Desktop management services, you can expect;

  • Assessment of existing systems/network management policies and processes
  • Options for preventive maintenance, including patches, service packs and defragmentation for servers, notebooks and desktops
  • Distribution of new applications and operating systems
  • Powerful remote monitoring systems, along with custom monitoring dashboards and client portals
  • Flexible alerting and shift management capabilities based on varying severity levels and fault thresholds
  • Automated self-healing scripts
  • Real-time inventory of hardware and software licenses
  • Remote remediation, with onsite dispatch options